Monday, September 18, 2023

focus: hungary – manifold

the collaboration between nonsofia and osas, which officially dates back to the first edition of orthogonal: international forum for constructive art, has led to another fruitful partnership with liszt institute sofia, and resulted in the debut edition of nonsofia's brand new exhibition format – focus. 

our great friendship with artist/curator barna benedek and gallerist andrea bodis made this fabulous initiative happen at its best. thirteen hungarian contemporary artists were presented in two separate shows at two different venues – the galleries at 16 aksakov st. and 36 dondukov blvd. 

the exhibition, part of our 2023 programme, has been made possible thanks to the heartfelt support of fondation gottfried honegger. it featured a number of guided tours and workshops for children

participants: andrás wolsky, árpád forgó, barna benedek, bertalan varga, dóra maurer, györgy varga, istván haász, istván halmi-horváth, jános saxon-szász, judit horváth lóczi, judit nemes, katalin haász and levente bálványos.

above: views from focus: hungary – manifold at nonsofia gallery & archive. 


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