Thursday, November 17, 2022

horizonta22 at nonsofia gallery & archive

installation views from horizonta22: national forum for geometric abstraction. this year's harvest of bulgarian geometric art brought forward a total of 30 works by 8 bulgarian artists, covering 35 years of local non-objective art tradition. the forum, financially supported by the national culture fund of the republic of bulgaria, included a theoretical module of several artist presentations and featured many guided tours and workshops for children.

participants: boyan chakarov, georgi dimitrov, georgi georgiev, georgi todorov, georgi yanakiev, kamen kalev, maria chakarova and viktor vlaesku.

the third edition of horizonta also honoured the memory of the distinguished french art historian of bulgarian origin, prof. andréi nakov (1941 – 2022), whose work has long been a source of inspiration and a strong moral support for the activities of nonsofia.

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