Friday, August 7, 2020

beyond the horizon, varna city art gallery


the first collaborative project between varna city art gallery and nonsofia inaugurates the research of several authors in the field of geometric abstraction. what they have in common is the fact that, although of different generations and popularity, they were all born or raised near the seaside. as it is clear from the title itself, the exhibition explores the cognitive impact of the horizon as a metaphysical category on the artists’ imagination, or in other words, on their conceptual thinking.

following an intuitive passion for reduction in their creative expression – which exploits the means of painting, drawing, photography, ceramics and lithography – the participants elaborate on some rather unorthodox domains when it comes to bulgarian aesthetic traditions. hence, concepts which have long existed in the terminology of the international avant-garde movements such as: concrete, non-objective, optical and abstract-expressionist - are being brought to the fore.

the main reason behind the realisation of this show are the educational workshops for children which are planned to be held with participants aged between 5 and 11. the children will get to know and apply the principles of geometric art in their work. classes will emphasise on colour theory, the variety of techniques presented in the exhibition, the ability of the individual to express statements and take part in debate, i.e. to treat others with respect, etc.

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