Monday, June 9, 2014

space as space at the vasarely museum


space as space
14 may - 28 september
vasarely museum, budapest

curated by dóra maurer, barna benedek and andrás wolsky

most of the international exhibitions that have been organized by osas since 2006 at the vasarely museum budapest have focused on a particular theme. word and image, transparency, and chance as strategy, for instance, were all such shows. rather than centring on a predetermined theme, the current exhibition simply recognizes and explores a few fresh positions within constructive-concrete art, which has once again become universally timely and relevant. it brings to life the idea of two young osas members: barna benedek and andrás wolsky. both artists participated in the international symposium orthogonal, which was held in sofia in 2012 and directed by painter georgi dimitrov. through this project they seek to expand on the positive experiences and connections they acquired there. as also expressed by the exhibition title, a common denominator between the displayed artworks has nevertheless evolved: space as space – analytical engagement of the perception and shaping of space, treating the concept of space in an autonomous, unique manner.
                                                           – dóra maurer

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