Sunday, March 20, 2011

nonsofia is one*

7 march is related to both mondrian and van doesburg. however, it also turned out to be the birth date of безпредметна софия. a number of the very special people that add sense to this project were present at a proper soirée last night and celebrated our first anniversary. if you take the zig zag and start from the bottom, you will get: nadia mihova, radoslav sharapanov, saso popovski, iva galabova, nina malcheva, yovo panchev, svetlana mircheva, georgi kostov, georgi dimitrov / lary sparrow, hristo stankushev. there is hardly a better reason to publish this blog's first figurative image. many thanks to all contributors, who deliberately or not support the spread of non-objective values within the bulgarian social context!

* title and photo courtesy of radoslav sharapanov and nadia mihova

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  1. congratulations & all our best wishes

    team CCNOA, Brussels, Belgium