Thursday, February 16, 2023

georgi dimitrov: temporary exhibition

views from nonsofia's 'temporary exhibition' by georgi dimitrov (b. 1980) consisting of oil painting, pencil drawing and digital media work produced over the past 15 years. all stages of dimitrov's development as a visual artist, i.e. mystic, metasymbolic and orthogonal (all the way to the invention of the arcangle), are marked in this show – financially supported by the national culture fund of the republic of bulgaria

Friday, January 13, 2023

petar dochev: the way of the artist


for more than a month we had the privilege to host one memorable retrospective at our premises. hundreds of visitors entertained the creative directions explored by one of bulgaria's most prominent 20th century masters – petar dochev (1934 – 2005). 'the way of the artist' presented about thirty artworks including some of dochev's most emblematic pieces made between 1957 and 2005. the portrait of the artist's mother, his typical industrial and city landscapes, as well as works from his (expressive and geometric) abstract periods were featured in the exhibition which was financially supported by the national culture fund of the republic of bulgaria.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

horizonta22 at nonsofia gallery & archive

installation views from horizonta22: national forum for geometric abstraction. this year's harvest of bulgarian geometric art brought forward a total of 30 works by 8 bulgarian artists, covering 35 years of local non-objective art tradition. the forum, financially supported by the national culture fund of the republic of bulgaria, included a theoretical module of several artist presentations and featured many guided tours and workshops for children.

participants: boyan chakarov, georgi dimitrov, georgi georgiev, georgi todorov, georgi yanakiev, kamen kalev, maria chakarova and viktor vlaesku.

the third edition of horizonta also honoured the memory of the distinguished french art historian of bulgarian origin, prof. andréi nakov (1941 – 2022), whose work has long been a source of inspiration and a strong moral support for the activities of nonsofia.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

horizonta22 in varna


views from the black sea edition of horizonta22 – bulgaria's national forum for geometric abstraction. the show, curated by georgi dimitrov and financially supported by the 2022 creative initiatives programme of the national culture fund of the republic of bulgaria, took place at graffit gallery in varna between 20 august and 5 september 2022. it presented some twenty-five works made over the past 35 years by eight bulgarian artists: boyan chakarov, georgi dimitrov, georgi georgiev, georgi todorov, georgi yanakiev, kamen kalev, maria chakarova and viktor vlaesku. as usual, the exhibition featured several guided tours carried out for the general audience, as well as a number of workshops for children. 

Monday, August 15, 2022

maria chakarova: stream of consciousness

installation views from 'stream of consciousness' – maria chakarova's solo show at nonsofia gallery & archive. the exhibition financially supported by the national culture fund of the republic of bulgaria took place between 8 june and 17 july, 2022. more than 20 artworks revealing all main topics of the artist's aesthetical research over the past decade were put on display in the only art space in bulgaria dedicated to geometric abstraction.

Monday, May 23, 2022

nonsofia: the end of the beginning

'the end of the beginning' marks a completely new historical stage in the organisational development of nonsofia. founded in 2010, the online platform quickly became a sustainable cultural operator over the years and has organised a series of international and national geometric art symposia. this year, with the considerable support of the national culture fund/bulgarian ministry of culture, the association achieved one of its bravest goals, namely the creation of its own physical space – an educational centre for geometric abstraction with a gallery, library and archive. 


the first exhibition in the new space's calendar showcases the work of thirty remarkable artists from eleven countries who have worked or still work in the field of geometric abstraction from the 1920s to the present day. featuring painting, sculpture, serigraphy, drawing, video, textile, relief, photography, animation and poetry, the show aims to present the diversity of this aesthetic movement, long known and embedded in the cultural tradition of developed civil societies around the world. 


the main motive for the realisation of the present exhibition, as well as for the overall creation of the educational centre, is the systemic programme of open workshops designed for children between the ages of 5 and 12. regular ateliers are planned within the project, where kids will get to know and apply the principles of geometric art to their work. classes will emphasise on colour theory, the variety of techniques presented in the exhibition, the ability of the young individual to express statements and take part in debate, i.e. to treat others with respect, etc.


the curatorial initiative has been conceived by nonsofia and has been made possible thanks to the financial support of the national culture fund, as well as in collaboration with the max bill georges vantongerloo foundation and the camille graeser foundation. feel free to contact us at or call +359888240869 for further queries.


exhibition participants: dóra maurer, istván haász, levente bálványos, andrás wolsky, árpád forgó, barna benedek (hungary); camille graeser, max bill, eugen gomringer, hans jörg glattfelder (switzerland); josé heerkens, arjan jansen, guido winkler (the netherlands); friedrich vordemberge-gildewart, bruno haas, gisela hoffmann (germany); peter dochev, ivan shumanov, maria chakarova, georgi georgiev, georgi dimitrov, краsimira stikar, viktor vlаesku (bulgaria); ingo glass (romania); erdem küçükköroğlu (turkey); patrick morrissey (england); hanna roeckle (liechtenstein); yorgos vourlidas (greece), etc.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

barna benedek: refraction

we are extremely pleased to announce nonsofia's fruitful collaboration with liszt institute sofia brought about barna benedek's first solo exhibition in bulgaria and put on display his latest works in the institute's gallery. refraction is located on 16 aksakov st., sofia and can be seen between 7/12/21 and 21/01/22.